Mohajer (Three Ways to Escape) (2012)

Three Ways to Escape installation at TR1


HD Video
Duration: 16:39 min

Three ways to Escape video tells the story of three Afghan men who have applied asylum from Finland. Amir has received residence permit, Reza is waiting deportation in a detention center and Hadi is waiting for his asylum decision and info about his future in a refugee reception center. The three intertwined stories illustrate the randomness of asylum processes and the the atmosphere in the reception centers, where time seems to have frozen.

“I’ve been a refugee for five years, in east and west, in Russia, in Europe and in Asia. All the time moving from one place to another, only hoping for a better future: to be able to live somewhere in peace. I’ve been through a lot of hardship in Afghanistan and elsewhere, but I have never before been in a prison except in Europe. Only in EU countries I’ve been many times in prison, in Switzerland and in Finland.”
In Metsälä detention center, Helsinki, 22nd of November 2011



Mohajer (Three Ways to Escape) from Anna Knappe on Vimeo.