The Girl in Green (2021)


Duration: 17 minutes

Amir Jan & Anna Knappe

”When we show you pictures of napalm victims, you’ll shut your eyes. You’ll close your eyes to the pictures. Then you’ll close them to the memory.  And then you’ll close your eyes to the facts.”    – Harun Farocki

The Girl in Green narrates a story of humans, waste, and human waste by looking into refugees and their homes. The film starts with a photo taken by photojournalist Massoud Hossaini of a terrorist attack in Kabul and ends with an image from a Finnish newspaper. Between the two photos, the film follows the research made by sociologists Lena Näre and Elina Paju, who ask the question: “What does it say about how asylum seekers are valued that the material for their homes is made of the excess, the waste of the Finnish society?”

The Girl in Green from Anna Knappe on Vimeo.