Sham Marriage (2018)

Anna Knappe & Amir Jan: Sham Marriage

Anna Knappe & Amir Jan

Sham marriage usually refers to marriages in which the intent of the marriage is not to live together or to start a family but to circumvent the immigration regulations. The law does not define sham marriages — all formal marriage contracts are legally valid, and the authenticity of the relationship is defined by others than the marriage partners.

The video work Sham Marriage looks at multicultural relationships through the artists’ own relationship. Sham Marriage consists of two videos: the first video exploring representations of love through wedding images and the so-called authenticity of relationships through questions posed by the Immigration Service and our families, and the other discusses cultural prejudices from the point of view of Finnish and Afghan culture.

Gallery Myymälä2, Helsinki, 2018

Gallery Myymälä2, Helsinki, 2018

Sham Marriage from Anna Knappe on Vimeo.

MOTHER(-in-law)S from Anna Knappe on Vimeo.