No innocent images (Palestine)(2015)

No Innocent Images

Photographic series

Inkjet prints
43 x 65 cm

When the land is occupied, every image of it becomes political. In the wrong hands, any innocent looking photograph can be used for gathering information and for justifying oppression.

I travelled to West Bank, Palestine, in the Spring 2015. There I photographed different sites and people I met. On the last night before returning to Oslo via Tel Aviv airport, I realized I have to hide the images. I didn’t want to be forced to answer questions about where I had been, who I had met and what I might have spoken, because answering those questions might be harmless to me but potentially dangerous to those who are living under the occupation. Each of the prints in No Innocent images series consists of approximately 20 to 30 photos from a specific location. I merged the photos together, preserving all the original information and simultaneously hiding it, and smuggled the files through the security control.