Garbage Bird (2013)

Garbage Bird

Anna Knappe, Meherun Akter, Maruf Adnan and the children of Laldiarchor
Participatory art project and 1920×1080 HD video documentation
Video duration 13:25 min

Floating Peers social practise workshop in Porapara Space for Artists, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Garbage Bird and the Laldiarchor Cleaning Day video is a documentation of participatory art project by Anna Knappe, Meherun Akter and Maruf Adnan, with the  children of Laldiarchor slum in Chittagong, Bangladesh. During the cleaning day the participating children collected waste from the slum with the help of Garbage Bird. The waste was then sorted, and what could not be recycled was fed to the bird. The children got a nicer playground and also earned the right to take part in village festival where the bird was in the end ceremonially burned.