Sham Marriage (2018)

VIDEO INSTALLATION Anna Knappe & Amir Jan 2 HD VIDEOS: Sham Marriage Duration: 16 minutes MOTHER(-in-law)S Duration: 25 minutes Sham marriage usually refers to marriages in which the intent of the marriage is not to live together or to start a family but to circumvent … Continue readingSham Marriage (2018)

Camp Europe (2017)

HD video 2017 duration: 6:45min Camp Europe welcomes you. Camp Europe labels you and stores you accordingly. After processing, Camp Europe deports you. ”I think that the label ‘refugee’, when they say people are refugees, they think that them coming here and living and being … Continue readingCamp Europe (2017)

Mobile Diaspora (2017)

Amir Jan, Anna Knappe and Pekka Niskanen. Mobile Diaspora is a series of short videos in which asylum seekers talk about their lives on their own terms. The videos portray asylum seekers as active participants who talk about their lives in camps and the endless … Continue readingMobile Diaspora (2017)

No innocent images (2015)

Photographic series Inkjet prints 43 x 65 cm When the land is occupied, every image of it becomes political. In the wrong hands, any innocent looking photograph can be used for gathering information and for justifying oppression. I travelled to West Bank, Palestine, in the … Continue readingNo innocent images (2015)

Love and Kisses (2015)

1280 × 720 HD video Collection of YouTube videos Duration: 14:11 min Love and Kisses is a montage of Youtube videos from different users, where dogs are licking people’s faces. Some of the videos are more innocent looking and some disturbingly sexual. All of them are performances for the camera and for other people. … Continue readingLove and Kisses (2015)

Garbage Bird (2013)

Anna Knappe, Meherun Akter, Maruf Adnan and the children of Laldiarchor Participatory art project and 1920×1080 HD video documentation Video duration 13:25 min Floating Peers social practise workshop in Porapara Space for Artists, Chittagong, Bangladesh Garbage Bird and the Laldiarchor Cleaning Day video is a … Continue readingGarbage Bird (2013)

Youth as Refugees (2009-2012)

Community Art project: Website and Media Installation Pekka Niskanen, Anna Knappe, Timo Piikkilä, Jaana Ristola, young refugees of Lammi refugee center and Härmälä family group home Youth as Refugees website was made together with young people from Afghanistan, the Congo and Somalia, who seek asylum … Continue readingYouth as Refugees (2009-2012)