Purkutaide – Ihmemaa X

I will be participating in the upcoming “Ihmemaa X” exhibition by Purkutaide, opening on June 1st, 2024 at 10:00 AM. Located in the heart of Kerava, this extraordinary exhibition takes place in the former Anttila department store, spanning a vast 4000 m². Purkutaide, known for … Continue readingPurkutaide – Ihmemaa X


The Finnish National Gallery has published a new NFT platform called Alusta. GIF versions of the images from my series “No Innocent Images (Media)”, along with works from other artists, are available to be collected for free as an opening gift for anyone interested. 🎁 … Continue readingAlusta.art

Mänttä art festival 2021

The Girl in Green installation and three images from the series No Innocent Images (Media) featured in Mänttä Art Festival 2021 To Err is Human, curated by Anna Ruth. The exhibition is open 13 Jun – 31 Aug 2021 in Pekilo, Mänttä.